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The SCC 5.0 Software - An addition to your nurse call system


Call systems for hospitals, clinics and psychiatric hospitals are often subject to DIN VDE 0834 and must therefore be wired. Since call systems often can not meet all the requirements of dementia patients, it is advisable to our SCHUTZENGELSYSTEM. 


Our software SCC 5.0 can be connected to the common nurse call systems and offers an additional display option for our mobile patient call and emergency alarms of people with dementia.


On our network application, the nursing staff can be informed which resident has triggered an emergency call from which location. This achieves the highest safety standards for residents and patients.

Increase the safety of your patients


Residents and patients of healthcare facilities can be equipped with an emergency call bracelet. If the resident gets into an emergency situation, the last location with the message can be transmitted with the push of a button. The transmission of this information can also be transmitted via the existing nurse call system.

Alarmübersicht Ortung mit Notruf

Grasp the situation at first glance ​

For a quick overview, there are several functions on the dashboard to be able to capture the relevant information as quickly as possible.


  • A red bar indicates that there is an alarm.

  • In an overview, the different categories are distinguished. If required, categories can be deselected for display.

  • An alarm list shows the details of the alarms - name, location, type of alert, and how often the alarm was triggered by the patient.

  • The card gives in a visual way, immediately the location of the message price and thus can be responded very quickly.

  • On the map also a selection of the floor and the building are made, from which the alarms are to be displayed.

Indoor Ortung Alarm

In an emergency situation it is a big advantage to know who has called and from where it has been called. The software provides a dashboard on which the caregiver receives all the necessary information at a glance.

The software displays the following alarms:

  • Emergency calls with location of patients

  • Emergency calls of the staff

  • Escape alarms by disoriented patients

  • Alerts when a newborn leaves a defined area

  • Technical alarms e.g. at a low battery or device failure

Document the incidents 


Just as on a call system, the events are documented in a history. This can be used, for example, to prove that despite an accident of a resident, the caregiver has responded as quickly as possible and therefore still has fulfilled their duty of care. This is very user-friendly especially in our software with individual filter options and also allows evaluations based on history.

It may also be relevant to which resident triggers an emergency call and how often. You can be flexible enough to create a report.


Personalize the access authorization for your patients 


Not every patient is allowed to enter every area. For example, An alarm is issued when a person at risk of falling enters the stairwell, where an alarm is triggered by another person entering the administration area. For each transponder, a profile can be created, which meets the personal needs and requirements of the resident. Thus, e.g. the call of a certain resident automatically via the call system to a very familiar nurse go.

Connection to other communication systems


The software SCC 5.0 contains various interfaces (ESPA X and ESPA 4.4.4) for the connection to nurse call systems and telephone systems. Thus, the alarm messages can e.g. via displays the nurse call system, DECT phones and also pager systems are forwarded. This offers you every freedom in the connection and in the expansion of a system.

Ask us about the compatibility of your paging system.



Extract from manufacturers of wired call systems with the corresponding interfaces (alphabetically):

Ackermann Clino by Honeywell (Novar) 


Famalux GmbH 

Ilper GmbH 

Multitone GmbH 

Securiton GmbH

Schrack Seconet GmbH

Tunstall GmbH

Unify GmbH & Co KG

Varolux GmbH

WICON Electronik GmbH 

Winkel GmbH