Emergency call for the staff

Why personnel emergency call:

Not only patients need help, but also the staff. In particular, employees in the emergency room or in psychiatric areas may be exposed to attacks by aggressive patients and may be in situations in which they need help themselves.

Position of the calling nurse 

Similar to our system for the patients, the nurses and other employees can make an emergency call with the location. This can then optionally be forwarded to other nurses or, if available, to a security service.

Alarmübersicht Duress Alarm

Care transponder - One device many uses


The nurse's transponder offers many different uses:

  • Sending an emergency call by a long press of a button

  • Acknowledge a service call of a patient

  • Accompany a demented patient to an area that is normally denied to the patient without causing an alarm

  • Pairing a mother and baby transponder

  • Access key for rooms surveyed by the guardian angel system


The handling is very simple and requires no further interaction apart from the press of a button.

Privacy and positioning


The SCC 5.0 software is a location software. Therefore, of course, location data of a transponder, is transferred to a system. However, the location of a care transponder will only be forwarded to the software if:

  • a personnel emergency call is placed

  • when exit doors are entered, or areas for access control are entered


The transponder always stores only the last measured location and can not be read afterwards. Other possibilities of anonymization are also:

no personalization of the care transponders - for example, a grouping by station


History management

If a nurse has acknowledged a patient call or triggered a call of his own, this is indicated in the software history. Locations that enter the system outside of these two use cases are not displayed.


Der staff-transponder:

Fall detection and silent alarm

The new staff transponder puts one of the most important resources within an hospital into focus: Your employees.

It is not just a useful tool at the day to day work, it protects the staff too. Especially, when they cannot help themselves anymore.

Trigger an alert – duress alarm

  • The transponder is hidden within a name tag which can easily be attached to the shirt. On the back to buttons can be found: One to trigger an alert and the other to acknowledge it.

  • In a situation, where the aggressions rise, the alert can easily be triggered without someone noticing it. Then, the software shows the position from which the alarm was and enables other employees to deescalate situations.

Fall detection

  • An integrated fall detection sensor generates a pre-alarm which easily can be acknowledged by the care takers themselves. In case no acknowledge takes place the alarm is automatically sent to other care takers and shown on the software.

Dead man alarm – lone workers solution

  • Care takers which work alone (e.g. during night shifts) want others to know when something might have happened to them.

  • That is  why the transponder notices whether the care taker which wears the transponder is still moving or not. If there is no movement within a pre set time the pre alarm is triggered.

  • If the pre alarm is not acknowledged by the care taker which wears the tag, the main alarm is sent to the system. The software then informs others staff or any helpers that an incident has taken place.


Fall detection and dead man alarm can be deactivated manually.