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Wander prevention

Raphael-active - safety for disoriented patients

Protection of disoriented People within Day Care Facilities and Nursing Homes.

The proven Raphael wander protecting system with active transponder technology (RFID) is ideally suited for indoor use. With the help of a bracelet or tag (transponder), disoriented residents can be assigned a freely definable area with a leading tendency. So walks on their own grounds and in front of the facility are possible. The system notifies and documents when people enter or leave predefined areas. This system also has direction detection. It indicates the direction in which the persons move away and informs the caregiver whether the disoriented resident has returned.

The system is planned cost-effectively and optimally according to your requirements and can be extended at any time. The installation is simple and takes place without any significant disruption to the daily processes

"It's important to find the right balance between freedom and security."

Situation 1: A message is issued when the occupant leaves the entrance area. Via the transponder on the resident's wrist and the reader / receiver unit, a door can also be controlled and opened or closed depending on the assigned authorization.


Situation 2: The resident moves in the garden or the grounds of the facility. A message is only issued when he leaves the property. Here, a directional detection can additionally be used. This informs the caregiver if the person has returned to the property. Together with a quick message this makes finding the resident easier.


Situation 3: In order to preserve the open character of a property, RFID radio technology can be used to invisibly secure property boundaries. This is done by ground loop laying outdoors.

Desorientiertenschutz für Innen- und Außenbereich




Transponder as a bracelet:

The transponder can also be worn in the form of a wristwatch replica on the wrist. The band is made of leather or optionally of a disinfectable and tear-resistant plastic in leather look. The bracelet is also provided with a patented closure that allows only the caregiver to remove the bracelet with a magnetic key. The transponder housings are waterproof

Demententransponder Schutzengelsysteme
Demententransponder Metall Uhr

Transponder as wristwatch:

The transponder can be worn in the form of a wristwatch. The strap can be made of metal or leather and is designed for long-term use. The transponders are secured with a special closure, which can only be opened by the nursing staff. The watches are splash-proof.

The reading / receiving unit:

The reader / receiver unit is at the heart of the disoriented system and generates a spherical magnetic field around itself. In this field, a disoriented resident is detected with a transponder and sent a message to any electronic messaging system. Depending on the version, the detection range can be adjusted steplessly between 0.5 m and 6 m.

Patentverschluss von Martin.Care

Patented security buckle:
The buckle only can be opened by using a special magnetic key. The bracelet Bands can be made of a metal mesh or a desinfectable syntethic material. This impedes the removal of the wrist band by the desorientated resident. 

Find more Information about the security buckle HERE

Magnetic key:
The magnetic key makes provides a high usability for the nursing staff in nursing homes.