The access control for clinics


Even in a doctor's office patients should not always be able to enter every room. This can be a problem for patient safety, lead to theft or even be a problem for privacy.

That's why with our Raphael Select System we offer a possibility to use personal emergency buttons as keys to the individual rooms. For this, the employee only has to be in the area of the door in order to be recognized and granted access.


  •      No keys need to be picked up for access

  •      Increased data protection, as all doors can now be locked

  •      Theft can be avoided

  •      Mobile emergency call with indoor location for the staff

  •      Can be combined with locating for medical devices.

How does the Raphael-Select system work? 

The functional principle of Raphael-select can be explained as follows:

The staff carries on a care transponder on the body (for example in the trouser pocket). If the employee walks in the immediate vicinity of the door (range 1 - 3 meters around the door), this door can be opened.

If there is no or the wrong transponder in front of the door, the door handle is switched to idle and the door can not be opened from the outside.

Of course, the doors can be opened from inside at any time.

Zutrittskontrolle Arztpraxis

Use as a self-sufficient stand-alone system

The transponder is connected to the door fitting - this has the advantage that the system can also be used independently, without it having to be embedded in a network system. Thus, individual doors can be secured independently of a radio coverage and offers you high flexibility in the planning of access control for your facility. However, in a stand-alone system emergency call for the staff does not work.

Unlock with different transponders

The door fitting was originally designed to be an access control system for people with dementia. However, it also has advantages if the emergency call transponder can be used as a key. This offers an additional advantage for the residents and the willingness to carry the emergency call transponder increases considerably.