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The access control for assisted workshops 


If a disoriented person goes into a foreign resident's room, he may lie down in the wrong bed or seek something and clean up the room. Destruction, the elimination of cabinets and high potential for conflict are then almost inevitable. With Raphael-select, room doors can be assigned to the respective occupants and locked, so that only the right occupant can enter his own room. Access is denied to other residents and thus created an access control. Of course, the caregiver can enter the resident's room unhindered. Thus, the privacy of residents is significantly improved, the risk of theft is drastically reduced and the security improved.

How does the Raphael-Select system work? 

The functional principle of Raphael-select can best be explained with a hotel room key - only for the cognitive demands of disoriented residents.


The prerequisite is that the resident wears his dementia transponder. If he goes to his own door, he is captured in a field and unlocks his own door. The resident can now enter his room.

However, when the resident walks in front of the door of another resident's room, the door remains locked. So the same principle, as in a hotel.


The nursing staff can enter the rooms at any time with the nursing transponder and are therefore not restricted in their work.

Electronic door fittings for easy retrofitting


The electronic door fittings offer great advantages especially for retrofitting a system in an existing house. The installation effort is limited then only to a reading unit (This is placed next to the door and requires a power supply), and the insertion of the door fitting in the existing door.

The door fittings can also be opened with a Morse code via a button and a passive chip.

From inside, the resident can leave the room at any time.


However, this system is not only reserved for residents' rooms, but can also be used for functional rooms. With the care transponder in the bag, a caregiver can enter a functional room without having to deal with complicated keys or smart cards.

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Use as a self-sufficient stand-alone system


The transponder is connected to the door fitting - this has the advantage that the system can also be used independently, without it having to be embedded in a network system. Thus, individual doors can be secured independently of a radio coverage and offers you high flexibility in the planning of access control for your facility.

Unlock with different transponders


The door fitting was originally designed to be an access control system for people with dementia. However, it also has advantages if the emergency call transponder can be used as a key. This offers an additional advantage for the residents and the willingness to carry the emergency call transponder increases considerably.

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