The company Martin Elektrotechnik GmbH


The focus of our work is on humans - no matter if patient resident or caretaker. This guideline is reflected in each of our products. We have specialized in technology that is used in the care sector:

Our vision is care in which technical aids only focus on people. That is why we have been producing the wandering alarm systems of the brand  SCHUTZENGELSYSTEME for 15 years. We always develop these in a customer-oriented and practical manner in close cooperation with care facilities. For us, this means that our solutions are tailor-made for your facility so that you can get the most out of them.


It supports nursing staff almost invisibly to improve the quality of everyday life at facilities with dementia patients and disoriented people.

In addition to numerous individual and customized solutions, we also offer emergency call systems with location detection in and outside the facility as well as fall prevention.

Who we are:

Martin.care is a brand of the Martin Elektrotechnik GmbH. We develop and sell security systems for health care facilities. For example: wander prevention, access control, mobile nurse call and fall detection.

Martin.care equipped more than 2300 facilities in Europe, Middle East and South East Asia.



Our values:


Life Quality often starts with time. Time for others and others who have the time to ask for you.

Especially in the health care environment time plays an important role when it comes to the live quality of patients, residents and the employees. With our systems stress can be reduced, unnecessary searches for residents avoided which leads to more possible social interactions between nurses and residents / patients.



To feel safe at your workplace. Having the possibility to call for help. Prevent theft among residents by using access control for resident rooms in nursing homes. This all helps to increase life quality of people in health care facilities and reduces insecurity and stress.


Integration not isolated solutions:

We are of the opinion, that customers rather benefit  from an open system. That’s why we integrate more and more interfaces to grant the connection to existing systems.



Long term partnerships with on eye level. This is how we work internally and externally. And as family owned company in the second generation, these are the values we like to maintain.




1984               Establishing of Martin Elektrotechnik in Bad Brückenau Germany


1988               First patent applications submitted in the sustainable energy sector


1990 – 2000   Specialization onto security systems


2002               Transformation from sole proprietorship to GmbH (likewise Limited)


2003 – 2020  Focusing theR&D, production and sales of the SCHUTZENGELSYSTEMS (guardian angel systems) in the sector of nursing homes,  

                        hospitals and assisted living facilities.

2005-2019    Participation in various funding projects of the german ministry of economics


2014              Annette Martin leaves the company. David Martin becomes CEO


2020              Introduction of the new brand “Martin.Care”